Field Pup Fuel Trailer Units and Mobile Fuel Storage Tanks
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Fuel Trailers and Mobile Fuel Storage Tanks

World leaders in the manufacturing of industrial fuel
trailer units and quality mobile fuel storage solutions.

Our refueling line includes platforms for diesel, gas,
aviation fuel, E-85, biodiesel, and other fuel products
meeting Class 3 combustible requirements. Designed to
improve refueling operations with onsite mobility, all
our fuel trailer solutions are manufactured to meet or
exceed DOT standards for lights, brakes, reflectors,
safety equipment, load capacity, decals, and signage.

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Fuel Trailer Features:

- Quality Design, Engineering and Craftsmanship Built to Last
- Single Wall, Double Wall and Choice of Steel Type or Stainless
- Configurations for Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation, and More
- Choice of Hitch, Brakes, Tires and Pumps
- Heavy Duty Suspension and Axles
- Custom Hose Reels and Nozzles
- Aluminum Maintenance Chests
- Fuel Distribution Meters
more options available...