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Our Customers

Our customers have used their units to fuel generators, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, helicopters, planes, farm equipment, and various on-site equipment when needed.

Many units have been purchased by schools, hospitals and grocers to support backup generators.

Military agencies have their own generators to keep refueled, and their mobile fueling unit can be used to fuel their vehicles out in the field.

Emergency departments such as police and fire departments have purchased their Field Pup in the case of disasters for quick, reliable refueling of their equipment and generators. These units are outfitted with extra side boxes for more storage capacity.

Aviation units are at national and international airports to fuel/defuel jets and for support of ground equipment. The aviation Field Pup is set up with a stainless steel tank and special aviation fuel filter and equipment.

Field Pups are dotted along marinas, as well, for quicker refueling of boats at dock.

In the construction field, the Field Pup can be taken from job to job, intended for intermittent road use.