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Why Buy From Us?

We have been in business at this location for more than 80 years. Our flagship product, the Field Pup, is the benchmark of the industry due to quality material and time-tested construction practices.

  1. Although our fuel trailers are rated for off-road use, they still run smoothly on the roadways.
  2. For our refueling equipment, we use UL explosion proof heavy-duty pumps, Goodyear UL hoses with static wires, and automatic shut-off nozzles by Catlow.
  3. The Field Pup is manufactured for long product life and durability using heavyduty drop axles and suspensions and 6-channel frames (7-channel and 7-leaf springs for the 750 and 1000 gallon units).
  4. The trailer rating is 170% of gross trailer weight for the 500-gallon unit and 130% for the 1000-gallon unit.
  5. The trailer meets or exceeds DOT requirements for heavy duty axles, tires, brakes, lights, reflectors, safety equipment, the tank for gauge of steel, baffle to headwall distance, safety vent, drain, etc.
  6. Our units are equipped with mounting interfaces for hose reels, on-board battery systems, and power converter systems, in the event that you wish to retrofit any of these options on the Field Pup at a later time.