The Flagship Field Pup Features and Benefits Quality Material and Time-Tested Practices
  • Tandem axle trailer with heavy duty axles and suspension with a 5-year warranty
  • Electric brakes both axles with battery breakaway
  • 7–pin RVI connector plug (runs pump, lights, and brakes) and wiring with protective loom
  • Hitch (choice among clevis, 2″ ball coupler, 2-5/16″ ball coupler, or 3″ tow ring)
  • STR16E tires (steel belt trailer tires)
  • DOT LED lights and reflectors
  • Safety chains
  • Sturdy swivel jack
  • 4-Corner D-Rings (24,000# rating) used for weather or transport tie-down
  • Courtesy step light
  • Stainless ground rod with ground cable and clips
  • Frame color available in all standard equipment colors
  • Baffled, round, single-wall, 10-gauge, carbon steel tank, with a 5-year warranty (see Options for double-wall)
  • 3"-fill and Trident vent system (inflow, outflow, and emergency venting with overturn, 103,000 CFH)
  • 1" bottom-end drain plug
  • 4" inspection hole
  • Tank fuel level gauge
  • Fusible plug
  • Full top cage
Fueling Equipment
  • 20 GPM 12-volt DC explosion-proof UL pump with a 2-year warranty
  • Tank-mounted hose rack and nozzle holder that holds up to a 30" hose. Lengths 35" and longer require a hose reel.
  • Commercial filter assembly for water and particulates with an additional filter
  • 20" x 1" UL Goodyear hose with static wire
  • Automatic shut-off nozzle (Catlow diesel, unleaded, or leaded) with multi-plane swivel
  • Onboard battery system to provide power when towing vehicle is not present
  • Fuel-appropriate signage and/or placards
Some additional stuff for you...
  • 48″ aluminum tool chest with lock
  • Qty. (2) 40BC fire extinguishers mounted in tool chest
  • Fuel spill kit and qty. (2) wheel chocks stored in tool chest
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