Still haven't had enough?  Here are more reasons to buy a Field Pup from us.
#1:  No More Bumpy Rides.

Although our fuel trailers are rated for off-road use, they still run smoothly on the roadways.

#2:  We Keep You Safe.

For our refueling equipment, we use UL explosion-proof, powerful pumps, Goodyear UL hoses with static wires, and automatic shut-off nozzles by Catlow.

#3:  Manufactured for lifelong durability.

Super-strong drop axles, suspensions, and 6-channel frames.  And 7-channel and 7-leaf springs for the 750 and 1000 gallon units!

#4:  You Know the GTWR Up Front.

The trailer rating is 170% of gross trailer weight for the 500-gallon unit and 130% for the 1000-gallon unit.

So you want to retrofit your Field Pup?

Our units are equipped with mounting interfaces for hose reels, on-board battery systems, and power converter systems...just in case you want to go retro.  We know old school.

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