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You can upgrade your Field Pup with many options, depending on how and where you use it.

The following is only a partial list. Ask us about more options.

  1. Alternate Power

    1. Power converter system (converts power of your own generator from 115VAC to 12v DC to run the pump)
    2. Solar panel system, including charger provides a constant trickle charge to the onboard battery system.
  2. Tires

    1. Spare tire/wheel/mount/jack/lug/pan. We use steel belt trailer tires on all of our units.
      1. STR16E used with the 300-500 gallon single and double wall.
      2. STR16F used with the 750-1000 gallon single and double wall.
  3. Meters

    1. 3-digit mechanical meter with totalizer (used with 15 GPM pump).
    2. 4-digit mechanical meter with totalizer (used with 20 GPM and up).
    3. Meter and ticket printers are also available (includes a weights and measures meter, ticket printer, strainer, and air eliminator).
  4. Pumps–Front or Rear Mounted

    1. 15 GPM 12VDC UL explosion proof pump and 16′ × ¾″ UL hose
    2. 25 GPM 12v DC UL explosion proof pump and 20′ × 1″ UL hose (Extra hose and brackets required for top-mounted system setup.)
    3. 30 GPM 115 VAC
  5. Hose Reels

    1. Hand Crank
    2. Bevel crank, spring wound, 12 VDC, 115 VAC
  6. Longer hose lengths (i.e. 100′, 125′, 150′)

  7. Tanks– (Includes sump drain on all double-wall tanks.)

    1. Double Wall Steel Tank
    2. Single Wall Stainless Steel
    3. Double Wall Stainless Steel